Surviving Life's Storms (Alan Marshall)

Surviving Life's Storms (Alan Marshall)

Are you prepared to weather the storms that present themselves in your life? For some, the wind and waves of trials and tests cause them to battle the storm in their own strength. For others, storms have a way of crippling momentum until one decides to give up hope. While both options are natural to the human experience, the Bible presents a different option. Learn what God says about navigating your storms.

Minister Alan T. Marshall II is a skilled youth minister, student preacher, and international missionary. He was licensed as a Youth Minister at Shiloh Christian Church in Middletown, Connecticut. In 2018, Alan began to work at Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and is currently a Campus Staff Minister at Wesleyan University. Alan has served in several non-profit, academic, and ministry contexts in the New England region. Alan received a Diploma in Biblical Studies in 2015 from Middlesex Institute of Theology and Technology, his B.A. in Christian Ministry with a concentration in Pastoral Care at Regent University in 2021, and he is currently in pursuit of an M.A. in Organizational Leadership.

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Surviving Life's Storms (Alan Marshall)
  • Surviving Life's Storms - Sermon 1: Burst, Bound, & Battered, But You Are Loved

    Why is it that we can try to walk in the will of God and yet feel like our world is caving in--like we're being battered to a pulp by situations, relationships, even the ministry God has called us to? Learn to trust God and have faith that he loves you. Based on Acts 27:13-25.

  • Surviving Life's Storms - Sermon 2: Weathering the Storm

    Jesus preached the Kingdom of God to people who were paralyzed, demonized, and ostracized. How does the Kingdom help us when we're under attack? Because it brings us shalom--peace. Based on Mark 4:35-41.