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Starting Point, Session 1, Start

Starting Point (Andy Stanley) • 19m

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  • Starting Point, Session 2, Problem

    You may resist being branded as a sinner. But it’s a brand no honest person can avoid. A sinner is anyone who knows the difference between right and wrong and chooses to do wrong. *On purpose.* Jesus dealt with sinners in dramatic fashion. He did not condone sin. He did not condemn sinners. He ca...

  • Starting Point, Session 3, Trust

    The introduction of sin into the human experience left God with a choice. Instead of walking away, he waded into the mess. God’s solution to the problem of sin began with three promises he made to one man. The righteousness available to Abraham through faith is also available to us.

  • Starting Point, Session 4, Rules

    Rules always assume a relationship. God’s rules didn’t establish his relationship with Israel; they were confirmation of his relationship with Israel. God’s plan, beginning with Abraham, always included all the nations of the earth. So, we should not be surprised
    to discover that when Jesus appe...