Stability in Unstable Places (Gary Wyatt)

Stability in Unstable Places (Gary Wyatt)

We are living in unstable times and face unstable situations in our personal lives often. When we face instability, it is easy to feel lost and unclear about what to do. But it becomes even more important to find stability in the midst of unstable places. How do we find stability in unstable places? We can turn to the account of Jesus coming to the disciples during the storm from Matthew 14:22-33 to gain revelation on how to gain that stability.

Rev. Gary L. Wyatt, Sr., is a trailblazing worship leader/composer and a prophetic preacher, musician, singer, and author. He is one of God’s hidden gems residing in the Pacific Northwest, faithfully serving as the Founder and Lead Pastor at SureHouse Open Bible Church. Rev. Wyatt began singing at the early age of five. Growing up in a musical family, Wyatt began to nurture his talents by playing the piano, organ, and composing at the age of sixteen. After becoming a recording artist at the age of twenty-four, he has worked with several well-known artists in the Gospel music industry. Rev. Wyatt has composed over 1200 songs and 42 recordings spanning more than four decades. Wyatt served and studied ministry under the leadership of the late Bishop A.A. Wells, and the late Dr. Edna E. Travis, in the Full Gospel Pentecostal Association, Portland, Oregon, for fourteen years. He was ordained as an Elder in the Full Gospel Pentecostal Association at age 30 and now ministers across the U.S. and countries abroad. Rev. Wyatt loves spending time with his wife of over 42 years, Joclyen Cheryl Wyatt, his two sons, two daughters-in-law, and six grandchildren.

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Stability in Unstable Places (Gary Wyatt)
  • Stability in Unstable Places - Sermon 1

    How can we find stability in the unstable places in our lives? As we face life's storms, we can look to Jesus to sustain us. What Jesus orders, he's responsible to sustain. When we don't see Jesus in the storm. he's interceding for us. What Jesus allows, he will also redeem. Jesus is Lord of the ...

  • Stability in Unstable Places - Sermon 2

    How does Jesus respond to our unstable situations? He is sovereign and will meet us in the midst of our storms.

  • Stability in Unstable Places - Sermon 3

    Stay centered on the voice of God. Jesus will save you in unstable places. The only stable thing in a storm is Jesus. Re-center worship on Christ.