Spiritual Warfare is Real (Jim Cymbala)

Spiritual Warfare is Real (Jim Cymbala)

Satan is not out to get you to follow him; he's out to get you to ignore him. When we spiritually zone out, doze off, fall asleep, we are forgetting that we are in the middle of a war — and Satan loves it this way! He loves to convince people he doesn't exist. But, as we learn from Jim Cymbala in Spiritual Warfare is Real, Satan is real. He is an actual enemy of our soul. He is waging a real war against us. And we need to wake up and get in the fight. If we fail to do this, we do so at our own peril.

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Spiritual Warfare is Real (Jim Cymbala)
  • S1: Know Your Enemy (Spiritual Warfare is Real)

    Every Christian needs to study the tactics and ways of Satan and learn how to stand strong against him and his demonic workers. If we bury our head in the sand, we just become a big target. Ignoring the enemy never makes him go away. Being afraid is natural but turning to run away just exposes ou...

  • S2: Overcoming the Attack on Your Faith (Spiritual Warfare is Real)

    In this time of diminishing faith and broken trust in people and institutions, Satan is having a party! He knows one of the best ways to attack Christians is to dismantle their faith. Satan will try to get us to question our faith in God’s power, presence, and grace. We need to be ready to fight ...

  • S3: Resisting the Attack on Love (Spiritual Warfare is Real)

    The devil is in a full-court press against **love.** As followers of Jesus, we must recognize his strategy and join our heavenly Father in loving others the way he does. *This is war!* If Satan can get followers of Jesus to stop loving each other and our world, he will have a major victory. It is...

  • S4: Pressing Through the Attack on Your Calling (Spiritual Warfare is Real)

    Too often Christians don’t realize they have a ministry that is blessed and led by the Spirit of God. Our spiritual enemy is in the business of getting Christians to deny their calling, ignore their gifting, and refuse to serve in the name of Jesus. We need to recognize when Satan is attacking ou...

  • S5: Fighting through the Attack on Prayer (Spiritual Warfare is Real)

    Satan, the enemy of our soul, wants to cripple us, steal God’s power from us, and attack the divine power supply we all need. The devil wants us weak, incapacitated, and disconnected from the staggering power of the Holy Spirit. He knows that when we are plugged into the power of heaven, everythi...