So Long, Normal (Laura Story)

So Long, Normal (Laura Story)

Have you ever found yourself paralyzed by fear in the inevitable changes of life? Do you grip tightly onto any sense of normalcy, predictability, security, and control? Our attachment to everything remaining the same can be an obstacle that prevents us from thriving when things change. Untether your joy and peace from “normal” and experience the abundant life God intends.

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So Long, Normal (Laura Story)
  • S1: What's So Bad About Normal? (So Long, Normal)

    Whenever our life shifts and shakes, it’s ultimately for our benefit that good things are shaken from our grip, even when it feels like a loss. Whenever we face the loss of normal, we can recognize God is working in and through our circumstances beyond our imagining. When God is our foundation, w...

  • S2: So Long, Familiar (So Long, Normal)

    Look at your life, and consider the normal patterns that provide a sense of stability for you and your family. These aren’t bad things at all. And yet, if normal is our goal, our highest value, we may very well miss the extraordinary work God has in store. Just like Israel, we may be choosing the...

  • S3: So Long, Self (So Long, Normal)

    As a result of our obsession with ourselves, or what’s best for our own lives, many of us have lost our contentment in life. But to fully realize a life of contentment, we need to say goodbye to self and goodbye to our own efforts to earn right standing with God. When we say so long, self, we pur...

  • S4: Hello, New Life (So Long, Normal)

    As we wind our way through each turn, each detour, and each trial of our lives, the lessons we learn may be of equal or greater value to God’s heart than the outcome or destination ever was. Following Jesus may mean laying aside our obsession with productivity and efficiency. The difficult journe...

  • S5: Hello, Unknown (So Long, Normal)

    If we belong to Jesus, then every piece of our lives is his. Where he leads, we follow, even when the path is not as clear as we might wish. Such risktaking often looks foolish to the world, and yet it is an attractive quality of a follower of Christ. Venturing into the unknown with God is the sa...