Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (Nabeel Qureshi)

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (Nabeel Qureshi)

Building on his own powerful conversion story, author Nabeel Qureshi takes viewers deep into apologetics and evangelism among Muslims. He explores Muslim culture, the most common Muslim objections to Christianity, and the core doctrines upon which Islam stands or falls. Compassionate and clear, Nabeel’s lectures are a useful training tool for pastors, outreach leaders, and any believers wanting to winsomely engage Muslims in spiritual conversations.

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Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus (Nabeel Qureshi)
  • Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus - Introduction

  • Seeking Allah Finding Jesus - Session 1 - Understanding Muslims

    Islam is not just a religion, but an identity and a way of life. One-quarter of the world population identifies themselves as Muslim, and there are different denominations, cultures, levels of devotion, and worldviews represented amongst Muslims.

  • Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus - Session 2 - Testing the New Testament

    Muslims have been taught that the Bible is an unreliable, corrupted document. This session shows why the Bible is such a hurdle to a Muslim, and how to explain that the message of the Bible can be trusted and is reliable.

  • Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus - Session 3 - Coming to the Crux

    The litmus test for Muslims is if they deny the death of Jesus on the cross even in the face of the overwhelming evidence. This session discusses the theological and historical implications of the Muslim position and how to address them.

  • Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: S4 - Jesus: Mortal Messiah or Divine Son of God?

    Most Muslims have strong convictions about who Jesus was (and is); they think their view is correct. But if we help them listen to the words of Jesus,
    see the actions of Jesus, discover what others say about Jesus, and really taste who Jesus is, they might just see the truth. Jesus is the divine ...

  • Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus - Session 5 - Case for the Gospel

    For Muslims, the idea of the Trinity and the radical grace of God can become a roadblock. We should be aware of this and expect it. With patience, humble conversation, and prayerful persistence, we can press through and continue on the journey toward Jesus with our Muslim friends.

  • Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus - Session 6 - The Truth About Muhammad

    Most Muslims are confident that the history of Muhammad they have been taught is accurate, though they have not studied the source documents themselves. If a Muslim actually were to read the sirah and hadith, there are stories and teachings that might surprise or shock them. Learn to discuss with...

  • Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus - Session 7 - The Holiness of the Quran

    Very few Muslims read the Quran in the way Christians read the Bible for devotions. They don’t interpret it personally or seek to apply it to their lives based on personal reading. For each of the five claims Muslims make to defend their belief that the Quran is divine and divinely inspired, lear...

  • Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus - Session 8 - Reaching Your Muslim Neighbor

    We can study Islam, understand what Muslims believe, and know how to articulate our faith with grace and passion, but this is not enough. None of this makes a difference if we are not in consistent and close relationships with Muslims. If we are going to reach our Muslim neighbors we must first b...