• Jesus Is _____ (Judah Smith)

    8 videos

    Judah Smith digs deep to answer the most common and the most difficult questions about Jesus, a man so few understand and so many desperately need. In Jesus Is, Judah Smith explores a number of topics that reveal Jesus’ purpose for coming, what He accomplished while He was here, and what that mea...

  • Life Is _____ (Judah Smith)

    6 videos

    What is life? What are we here for? What is truly important? What will bring authentic satisfaction and lasting happiness? We all ask these questions, and we all have a right to come to our own conclusions.

    In this follow-up to his New York Times and USA Today bestseller Jesus Is ____, Judah Smi...

  • How's Your Soul? (Judah Smith)

    7 videos

    In this six-session video Bible study, Judah Smith, bestselling author of Jesus Is_____, asks a surprisingly different question from the usual “How are you?”—but this is the question Judah chooses to ask his friends, because he knows the health of the soul is too often overlooked in the busyness ...