• Cherish (Gary Thomas)

    6 videos

    Millions of couples getting married have pledged to "love and to cherish, until death do us part." Most of us understand and get the love part... but what does it mean to cherish our spouse? Why do we say it once at the wedding and then rarely even mention it again? Cherishing can have a powerful...

  • Sacred Pathways (Gary Thomas)

    5 videos

    When we come to faith in Jesus, our personality and our unique outlook on life does not get erased. So, why do we try to follow a path to God that works for someone else, such as our pastor, or teacher, or religious professional? In Sacred Pathways, we assess ourselves to discover our mo...

  • Sacred Parenting (Gary Thomas)

    6 videos

    Parenting a child is an in-depth course in spiritual formation, expressly designed by God to touch you and teach you in ways you could never have imagined. What if one of God’s primary intentions for you as a parent isn’t about successfully raising perfect children, but about your becoming more h...

  • Sacred Marriage (Gary Thomas)

    6 videos

    Sacred Marriage is a six-session video-based study that invites you to see how God can use marriage as a motivation to know him more.

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  • When to Walk Away (Gary Thomas)

    6 videos

    Sometimes, best course of action for us to take with some relationships is to walk away . . . or let the other person walk away. In the Gospels, we discover that Jesus never gave chase to those who left. He didn't run after people who rejected him and try to change their minds or bargain with the...

  • The Daniel Plan: Faith (Gary Thomas & Dee Eastman)

    12 videos

    In this four-session, video-based group study, Gary Thomas and Dee Eastman discuss the first Essential of the Daniel Plan: Faith. This study lays out the foundations for a life that is healthy in mind, body, and spirit. In each session, you'll hear from those who have incorporated The Daniel Plan...