• What's Next? (Chris Hodges)

    5 videos

    A Deeper Relationship with God is Closer Than You Think

    Do you find yourself asking, “What do I do next? How do I stay motivated to grow deeper in my relationship with God when I feel complacent, intimidated, or confused? What can I do to get back on track when I hit a spiritual rut?” In What’s ...

  • The Daniel Dilemma (Chris Hodges)

    6 videos

    In this six-session video Bible study, Chris Hodges examines the dilemma facing all Christians today: how can we influence a world that rejects everything we believe while still standing for God's truth? Chris looks at the lives of Daniel and Jesus, showing how we can stand for our biblical belie...

  • Out of the Cave (Chris Hodges)

    5 videos

    Everyone is susceptible to depression, and we have no better experience than the pandemic to back this up. No matter how powerful, accomplished, or successful we may be, we can still succumb to fear, doubt, and a sense of hopelessness that robs us of our life’s purpose and joy. But we don’t h...