• You Were Made for This Moment - Session 2: A Moment of Decision

    Could it be that you, like Esther, have been placed by God at the right place at the right time for a specific purpose? God will orchestrate events in such a way that you will be compelled to move out of your comfort zone, make the decision to trust in him, and then take the steps as he leads.

  • You Were Made for This Moment - Session 1: Cozy in the Culture

    Esther and Mordecai had chosen to create a world of hidden identity. While it’s easy to judge them for hiding the fact they were members of God’s chosen people, it can be just as easy for us to deny our own upbringing, family, or faith. God called the Israelites to be set apart, and he has called...

  • You Were Made for This Moment - Session 3: Heaven Set in Motion

    The same God who saved his people in Esther’s day is still in the business of saving his people today. He will set heaven in motion when we approach him in prayer—orchestrating events behind the scenes to handle the “impossible” situations that you are currently facing.

  • You Were Made for This Moment - Session 4: The God of Great Turnarounds

    As this next part of Esther’s story reveals, there is no situation that God cannot turn around for the good. God does not expect us to find our own way out of a powerless situation. He does not expect us to work a miracle, to change someone’s heart, or even to change our own. God is the God of gr...

  • You Were Made for This Moment - Session 5: Remembering God's Faithfulness

    Mordecai knew how quickly his people would forget the work God had done to save them. So he instituted a holiday called Purim to mark the saving of the Jewish people from Haman. It’s important to remember what we’ve learned, to recall the faithfulness of God, and to let this season of learning be...

  • You Were Made for This Moment

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    Study of a Book of the Bible: Esther
    This study was born in a hard season—a pandemic that locked down the world, compounded by the ancient sin of racism and the volcano of rage it ignited. Perhaps you have wondered if the lingering effects of this season would ever end. If so, Go...