The Story of Heaven

The Story of Heaven

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The Story of Heaven
  • The Story of Heaven - Session 1: Exit Strategy

    We all have a start date and an end date, known only by God before we were born. The clock began ticking the moment we were conceived in the womb. But as God's story of heaven reveals, we also have an exit strategy.

  • The Story of Heaven - Session 2: Heavenly Graduation

    You are so much more than a few days between the womb and the tomb. Your story indwells God's. Your life emerges from the greatest mind and the kindest heart in the universe--the mind and heart of God, and he makes everything work out according to his plan.

  • The Story of Heaven - Session 3: The End of Time

    God knows we struggle to understand the concept of eternal life. He knows we tend to think only about our existence here on earth. But God has been up to something amazing from the beginning of time. He has been writing an upper story, a story more magnificent than any single chapter in our lives.