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  • Loveology, Session 1. Love

    In Session 1, "Love," you will learn the world's "faulty view" of falling in love and that there is more to love than emotion.

  • Loveology, Session 2. Marriage

    In Session 2, "Marriage," you will learn some common misperceptions about marriage and how to have a strong, vibrant marriage even after the feelings fade.

  • Loveology, Session 3. Sex

    In Session 3, "Sex," you will learn about what sex has become in our culture as opposed to God's original intent for sex in marriage.

  • Loveology, Session 4. Romance

    In Session 4, "Romance," you will learn God's example for a healthy romantic relationship and a solid foundation on which to build your romance.

  • Loveology, Session 5. Singleness

    In Session 5, "Singleness," teaches that being single is not a curse and those who are single shouldn't be viewed differently than those who are married.