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Jesus Prom

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Jesus Prom
  • Jesus Prom, Session 1. Love

    In Session 1, "Love," you will think about difficult people in your life and learn ways you can reach out to them in love.

  • Jesus Prom, Session 2. Be

    In Session 2, "Be," you will learn how God views you and how you should view yourself as well as everyone around you.

  • Jesus Prom, Session 3. See

    In Session 3, "See," you will learn what it means to walk by faith and not by sight, letting God be the compass that drives the direction of your life.

  • Jesus Prom, Session 4. Dance

    In Session 4, "Dance," you will learn what it means to let go of self-conscious feelings and let God lead you in his work.

  • Jesus Prom, Session 5. Give

    In Session 5, "Give," you will learn what the Bible says about giving, how much you should give, and the attitude out of which to give.

  • Jesus Prom, Session 6. Remember

    In Session 6, "Remember," you will learn the three reasons God calls you to remember what he has done for you and your community in the past.