Abide Bible Course

Abide Bible Course

Followers of Christ abide with him the way a branch dwells on a vine—in a life-sustaining connection. The Abide Bible Course features Phil Collins, the director of the Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement, and Randy Frazee, the architect of The Story and Believe Bible engagement programs. They introduce us to their favorite methods of interacting with God, including contemplation, journaling, imagination, praying Scripture, and works of art. Discover your own preferred method and make it a part of your daily practice of engaging with God and abiding in his Word.

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Abide Bible Course
  • S1: Abide in Christ (Abide Bible Course)

    This study is intended to encourage you to engage with Scripture as if you were in the Please Touch Museum. You are invited to participate, engage, be active, use your senses, encounter the passages, take risks, and try new things. In other words, please touch.

  • S2: Praying Scripture (Abide Bible Course)

    Think of praying Scripture like training wheels on a bike. One training wheel is prayer, and the other is Scripture. When both are installed, they keep you upright and on track to journey in the direction of God’s heart. Praying Scripture is like learning to “pray attention” as you read the Bible.

  • S3: Engage Through Art (Abide Bible Course)

    Don’t let the title of this session put you off. You don’t have to be an artist in the traditional sense of the word to engage with Scripture through art. You can engage by reflecting on the works of art that Christians have expressed to relate the stories and concepts of Scripture in a beautiful...

  • S4: Journal (Abide Bible Course)

    Scripture journaling is the practice of reading the Bible and then prayerfully writing out your thoughts, feelings, prayers, and other reactions you have to the passage. As you put your thoughts on paper, it helps you to think more deeply about the passage and about your life.

  • S5: Picture It (Abide Bible Course)

    Using visualization, place yourself into the biblical story itself and use your senses to experience new and unique perspectives. The main purpose is to not just read the story, but to imagine it more deeply and vividly, as
    if you were in the scene itself, and thus encountering God in the process.

  • S6: Contemplate (Abide Bible Course)

    The Contemplate practice is like “eating” Scripture. Readingis taking a bite of food. Meditating is chewing on it. Praying is savoring it. Contemplate is digesting the food and making it a part of your body. The practice helps you to slow down and savor your ti...