Pray First (Chris Hodges)

Pray First (Chris Hodges)

Prayer is the lifeblood of the Christian faith, but many of us struggle to make it part of our daily lives. We're intimidated, uncertain, and embarrassed about how to talk to God. Prayer feels quaint and old-fashioned to some of us and sacred and uncomfortable for others. We know it's important to pray, but we don't know how to weave it into the daily fabric of how we live. In Pray First, bestselling author and pastor Chris Hodges addresses these issues by walking us through the fundamentals of prayer and the benefits that can be obtained by having daily interaction with God. He also explores several models of prayer that can be found in Scripture and discusses the power of prayer and fasting.

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Pray First (Chris Hodges)
  • S1: The Five P's of Prayer (Pray First)

    The Priority, Place, Plan, Power, and Person of prayer.

  • S2: The Lord's Prayer (Pray First)

    In providing this instructive model prayer, Jesus wasn’t teaching us words to memorize but revealing how we should connect with our heavenly Father.

  • S3: The Prayer of Jabez (Pray First)

    The prayer of Jabez reveals how to overcome pain and suffering by being deliberate about what we pray. Jabez wasn’t willing to settle for a life of pain. Neither should we.

  • S4: Praying the Names of God (Pray First)

    Praying the names of God helps us to get the order straight—and put God first in our lives and in our day. When we approach him on his terms, not our own, we make it clear that we want to know all aspects of God and the fullness of his character.

  • S5: My Prayer for You (Pray First)

    How often have you told someone you would pray for them and then struggled to know exactly what to pray? Fortunately, the apostle Paul gives us a great model for praying for others (as well as ourselves) in a letter he wrote to believers in the early church at Ephesus.

  • S6: Prayer and Fasting (Pray First)

    In contrast to the message in our society to consume, fasting is a practice in which you seek to deny what your flesh craves for a time. When you suppress those cravings and force your body to yield to your spirit, you create space for drawing closer to God.