No More Holding Back (Kat Armstrong)

No More Holding Back (Kat Armstrong)

If you have ever felt challenged or insecure as a woman in following your dreams, or in your career, or in your personal pursuit of God, this is your study. Kat Armstrong urges women to wholeheartedly love the Lord beyond our heart and soul, as well as with our mind and strength. She dares to ask and explore what faith and life in general would look like if we broke through the barriers holding us back and lived giving Jesus our ALL. "Don’t be afraid. Give me your everything." Dare to answer his invitation to show up daily, holding nothing back.

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No More Holding Back (Kat Armstrong)
  • No More Holding Back - Session 1 - Why Are You Even Here?

    God did not design half of his priorities for women and the other half for men. Yet loving God with our *hearts* and *souls* is usually considered women's work, and loving God with our *minds* and *strength* is usually considered men's work. It is these messages we hear in church that hold women ...

  • No More Holding Back - Session 2 - Stay in Your Place

    A very common message that holds women back is, *stay in your place.* But, we are commanded by Jesus himself in the Great Commandment to pursue him. Which inevitably means we *can't* stay in our place. We have to move *toward* God.

  • No More Holding Back - Session 3 - All Your Heart

    Loving God *with all our hearts* is so much more than Jesus-focused mushy gushy stuff. It's about loving God with our truest inner selves. It's about exchanging our old heart for a new heart. It's about *not losing heart,* but persevering through hardship, building character, and producing Chris...

  • No More Holding Back - Session 5 - All Your Mind

    In addition to a new heart and a real soul, God redeems our *minds* too, so that we can understand the truth of the gospel and so that we can keep our minds pure. With our minds, we stay open to new ideas, constantly ready for God to *change* our minds through his Word. But be warned! Becoming mi...

  • No More Holding Back - Session 6 - All Your Strength

    We tend to think of *power* in relation to physical strength only, but the word *power* in the Bible usually refers to spiritual strength—the strength of the Lord. This means you should "love the Lord your God as completely as you can." What are your strengths? In what ways are you exceptionally ...