The Love Everybody Wants (Madison Prewett Troutt)

The Love Everybody Wants (Madison Prewett Troutt)

Everyone loves love . . . but whose love are we really seeking? We want to be seen, known, and loved. We want to be chosen. Have you ever asked yourself, by whom? The love we are looking for is found in God.

The Love Everybody Wants is a reality check and practical approach to receiving, offering, and sharing the love we long for. There is a way to experience love in a culture obsessed with shallow ideas of romance and false idealistic relationships. There is a better way. A deeper way. A way forward that sets our hearts in order and helps us learn how to be loved, how to love others well, and how to honor God through it all.

Madi Prewett Troutt will share with honest and vulnerable conviction how to look to God, see yourself, and find deep love beyond our culture's empty and surface ideas of being chosen, adored, sought, and worthy. In this four-session study, let down your guard and see past the filtered images to the only true love you ever need. The love that will lead you into all the relationships and experiences you desire. Learn how to live in defiance of temptations, shame, envy, and impatience. Be encouraged you are not alone pursuing the kind of love you were created for. You were made for love.

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The Love Everybody Wants (Madison Prewett Troutt)
  • S1: Who and Why (The Love Everybody Wants)

    The greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God, and love your neighbor as yourself. This is the heartbeat of this study. Do you want to live your life in line with his priorities? In the greatest commandment, Jesus tells us how to start living the life he wants for us, a life rooted in his...

  • S2: Conviction and Confidence (The Love Everybody Wants)

    The instinct to look outside of yourself to know who you are is normal. But we have to make sure to go to the right source. The world is full of people who want to tell you who you are. But God, who has given you life, has authority when it comes to your identity. Don’t you want to know who he th...

  • S3: Patterns, Purpose, and Peace (The Love Everybody Wants)

    We can offer God ’s love to others, but we can’t find it in them. When we are rooted in God ’s love and confident in our identity in Christ, we aren’t looking to anyone else to complete us or tell us who we are. We stop asking for the things that our families, friends, and significant others just...

  • S4: Stand Firm and Surrender (The Love Everybody Wants)

    The right response to the greatest commandment—love God, love yourself, love others—is surrender. Surrender is letting go of control. It’s choosing to follow God instead of following your own desires. God says those who find their lives only lose them, and only in surrendering to Him will you fin...