Listen, Love, Repeat (Karen Ehman)

Listen, Love, Repeat (Karen Ehman)

Karen Ehman helps you rediscover the life-changing joy that comes from putting others first. In a culture that tells us a me-first, you-second way of living is the key to happiness, Ehman explains that the key to moving forward in almost every facet of your life is to embrace backward living.

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Listen, Love, Repeat (Karen Ehman)
  • Listen, Love, Repeat - Session 1 - Finding Your Big "Why?"

    **Live alert!** Jesus wasn’t about doing *big things.* He was about doing the *right thing.* And often for him, the right thing was *noticing* one simple soul. We need to make relationships our big “Why?” We need to learn to value people over possessions. And value people over positions.

  • Listen, Love, Repeat - Session 2 - Let Love Complete the Circle

    **Make their day.** Do something kind for the "necessary people" in your life — those who help you get life done. We complete the circle that God started by sending Jesus to die as a sacrifice for our sins by sacrificing our time and money to love others as an act of worship back up to God.

  • Listen, Love, Repeat - Session 3 - When You Live a Life of Welcome

    **Share your stuff.** This may mean opening your home to someone, hosting a meal, or using your car to take someone out to lunch. Remember, everything we own comes from God! Our things are his, and he wants us to share them.

  • Listen, Love, Repeat - Session 4 - How to Hug a Porcupine and Squeeze a Skunk

    Ask God to bring to mind a person in your life who is either lonely, someone society deems as less-than-lovely,
    or even hard-to-love. Pray for that person, asking God to bless them and to soften your heart toward them. Then, do one thing to show that person God's unconditional love in a tangible...

  • Listen, Love, Repeat - Session 5 - Family Matters

    **Detonate a love bomb!** It might be harder to minister to our own family than to others, because folks we hold most dear can also be the people with whom we experience the greatest conflict. Practice showing your affection for them and your gratefulness to God that they are part of your family.

  • Listen, Love, Repeat - Session 6 - The Boomerang of Blessing

    **Scatter kindness in secret.** Good works are *not* our ticket to heaven. They are our marching orders here on earth. Choose a person to whom you can show love, help financially, or toss a little kindness their way. However, do it completely anonymously, so that nobody else will know — only God.