Last Supper on the Moon (Levi Lusko)

Last Supper on the Moon (Levi Lusko)

Journey back in time to the 1969 lunar mission when the United States embarked on an ambitious plan to conquer outer space. Then, using that audacious mission as our analogy, journey forward in hope to explore God’s mission of salvation. Along the way, we will discover the wonder of God’s love in sending Jesus from “outer space” to die for our sins—and how that incredible love has the power to transform our “inner space.”

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Last Supper on the Moon (Levi Lusko)
  • Last Supper On the Moon - Session 1: Crisis In the Skies

    When President Kennedy proposed a moon landing, it was seen as audacious, even crazy. But, the same could be said of a different kind of mission that God announced in a “speech” back in the Garden of Eden. The world’s first humans had just fallen prey to Satan’s temptations and disobeyed God, ush...

  • Last Supper On the Moon - Session 2: Prepare for Lift Off

    God works according to his own timetable and will send us through days, months, or even years of “wilderness” times to prepare us for the mission he has for us. We may think we are not moving at all—that our perseverance doesn’t matter. But we can be certain that God is moving us forward . . . on...

  • Last Supper On the Moon - Session 3: Obstacles In Orbit

    There were many challenges for the NASA astronauts to overcome. The same will be true in your life as a Christian. Sometimes the obstacles will come from outside sources, sometimes from within. God’s promise to us is that if we keep following him, he will guide us through all of the obstacles in ...

  • Last Supper On the Moon - Session 4: Mission Accomplished

    The Bible says that Jesus also “resolutely set out for Jerusalem” (Luke 9:51) when the time came for him to fulfill his mission on this earth. Jesus did not have to give up his life for humanity. No one took his life from him. He volunteered for the mission. And through his sacrifice, he has made...

  • Last Supper On the Moon - Session 5: The Journey Home

    When Jesus completed his mission, he triumphed over death, the devil, and anything else that hell can throw at us. This means we can have God’s perfect peace and the assurance. In the words of the apostle Paul, “[Nothing] will be able to separate us from the love of God” (Romans 8:39).