Jesus Followers (Anne Graham Lotz and Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright)

Jesus Followers (Anne Graham Lotz and Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright)

In order to instill truth that leads to genuine faith, parents and grandparents must be intentional. Using the metaphor of a relay race, Anne Graham Lotz and her daughter, Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright, demonstrate how the baton of faith is passed from generation to generation. Within the framework of Anne's exploration of biblical characters from Genesis 5, Rachel-Ruth tells family stories that illustrate how to pass along our faith through our witness, our worship, our walk, and our work in order to develop our children and grandchildren into Jesus followers.

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Jesus Followers (Anne Graham Lotz and Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright)
  • S1: Bible Study Workshop (Jesus Followers)

    This Bible study workshop has a single purpose: to present an approach that will help you learn to listen for God’s voice, to grow in your personal relationship with Him, and to have more effective communication with Him through His Word.

  • S2: Witness (Jesus Followers)

    What will people think of you when you’re gone? What will your grandchildren know about you? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you are remembered throughout generations to come as one whose life bore unmistakable witness to your faith in God? The choice is yours.

  • S3: Worship (Jesus Followers)

    Worshipping the Lord is the best way to fight discouragement. Grandmother Graham lived out three practical ways to do this: Focus on the blessings in life, carry a song in our heart, and keep a sense of humor to help remove any traces of discouragement.

  • S4: Walk (Jesus Followers)

    Do you have a deep desire to draw near to God, to walk with Him, to receive His wisdom, strength, and blessing as you seek to ignite faith in the next generation? If you want to raise your children in the knowledge of and reverence for the things of God, then walking with God is not an option.

  • S5: Work (Jesus Followers)

    Ask God to give you an assignment. A work to do. Don’t be afraid to let others know you are working for Jesus. Accept the Baton of Truth that we are passing to you through this Bible study, and ask God to use it to encourage and motivate you to work for Him.