Hidden (Allison Allen)

Hidden (Allison Allen)

Study of a Bible Character: Various.

"…your life is hidden with Christ in God" (Colossians 3:3b, CSB). What an astounding promise! In a world where excellence is equated to exposure, and legacy is equated to likes, what does it mean to pursue a hidden life? God's Word offers us an astoundingly counter-cultural way of existing—one without the pressure to perform or make a platform. While there's nothing inherently wrong about exposure, we often confuse God's favor with famousness.

Living a concealed life (whether known by many or by none) is about resetting our motivations and thoughts. Excavating multiple concealed characters in God's Grand Narrative (including the Sons of Korah, Huldah, Cleopas, the Daughters of Shallum, Gideon, and Pilate's Wife), we'll explore the power and purpose of hiddenness.

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Hidden (Allison Allen)
  • S1: Hidden Treasures (Hidden)

    Feat. the Daughters of Shallum, who helped repair a section of the walls of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 3:6-12). These women defied the cultural norms of their day to follow God wholeheartedly, in effect "hiding" themselves in him. Key lessons: Inherent worth, Integrity, Impact.

  • S2: Where All Good Things Are Found (Hidden)

    Feat. Cleopas, one of the two disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35). In a culture that has conditioned us to think we can hustle our way to the top, it's almost inconceivable that according to God the only thing we need to do is receive. Key lessons: Invitation, Revelation, Transformati...

  • S3: Choosing Excellence Over Exposure (Hidden)

    Feat. Huldah the Prophetess in King Josiah's court (2 Chronicles 34:1-33). What if we showed up to the moments the Lord presented, stepping into the spotlight long enough to serve, and then fading away into obscurity? What if we sought hiddenness? Key lessons: Preparation, Protection, Power.

  • S4: What Lies Beneath the Surface of Our Lives (Hidden)

    Feat. Pilate's Wife (Matthew 27:11-26). There are two options upon being faced with the wholeness and holiness of Christ: we can either surrender to his lordship in a posture of humble gratitude, or we can brazenly persist in our sin. Key lessons: God's Word, Prayer, Community.

  • S5: Out of Hiding (Hidden)

    Feat. Gideon, Judge and Prophet of Israel (Judges 6:22-24). For most people the response to being summoned by God to participate in his work is to shrink back, make excuses, look for a way out. It's okay to question our worthiness, but ultimately, we've got to go. Key lessons: Friendship with God...

  • S6: From Strength to Strength (Hidden)

    Feat. Sons of Korah, psalmists (Psalm 84). God clearly promised us safety, security, and sturdiness to move through this life successfully. There is a cascading effect of pre-deciding each morning to be content throughout the day. Key lessons: Proximity, Pilgrimage, Praise.