Grace Based Parenting Part 3 (Tim Kimmel)

Grace Based Parenting Part 3 (Tim Kimmel)

Aim your children at more than just success—aim them at True Greatness.

Most parents want their kids to be successful. But what if there was something even better than success?

There is! In this riveting study, Aiming Your Child at True Greatness, Dr. Tim Kimmel turns the definition of success on its head and takes a look at God's plan for raising kids who grow up to live meaningful lives that make a genuine difference. When you raise those kinds of kids, your house will be a place everyone wants to come home to.

This study on True Greatness will help you:

Build a life long connection to your child's heart
Focus on the things that really matter to your child's future
Keep sibling rivalry to a minimum
Raise a grateful, generous child
Prioritize all of the forces vying for your child's time and attention
Help your child answer the three most important questions in life

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Grace Based Parenting Part 3 (Tim Kimmel)