Grace-Based Discipline (Karis Kimmel Murray)

Grace-Based Discipline (Karis Kimmel Murray)

Parenting is hard. Yes, we love our kids, but they know how to misbehave and push all our buttons. We want to raise them to love and obey God, but we can’t even get them to obey us!

Here’s the good news: we can learn to respond to our kids with love, firm boundaries and grace-based discipline, even when their behavior lights our fuse.

In this study, Karis Kimmel Murray, author of the book, Grace Based Discipline will teach you how to:
• Stay calm, even when your staring down the barrel of a loaded toddler
• Set rules based on God’s priorities, not yours
• Apply consequences that really work

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Grace-Based Discipline (Karis Kimmel Murray)
  • Grace Based Discipline - Session 1: Respond

    What does discipline look like in a grace-based family? We need to avoid taking our kids' negative behavior personally—even when it's meant that way. We're ahead of the game if we choose to be a first-responder parent rather than an emotionally reactive one.

  • Grace Based Discipline - Session 2: Relate

    We need to take our cues about discipline from the best Parent of all. If we treat our kids the way God treats us, we give them the freedom to be different, vulnerable, candid and imperfect. In this way, we breathe the fresh air of grace into our relationship with our children.

  • Grace Based Discipline - Session 3: Regulate

    There are rules that should and shouldn't be found in a grace-based home. We may struggle with knowing when we have too many rules, or not enough; who the rules apply to, and for how long. Here's the rule about rules: Have as few rules as possible, and no fewer.

  • Grace Based Discipline - Session 4: Reflect

    It can be easy to react in the heat of the moment and then regret our course of action. We need to factor in the context and determine if there is an unmet need causing the child to act out. Learn to accurately assess your kids' behavior so you don't overreact or under-respond.

  • Grace Based Discipline - Session 5: Redeem

    The paradigm-shifting principle of "redeem" distinguishes the all-important difference between punishment and discipline. The goal of grace-based discipline is to target and correct the wrong things our kids do, not attack who they are.

  • Grace Based Discipline - Session 6: Reform

    There's one big part of discipline we still need to deal with: consequences. Consequences deal with a behavior problem in the moment in a way that shapes their character for a lifetime.