Goliath Must Fall (Louie Giglio)

Goliath Must Fall (Louie Giglio)

Study of Bible Characters: David & Goliath

It’s likely you have a giant in your life. It’s holding you captive, intimidating you with its taunts, and stealing your joy. Adversaries such as fear, anger, addiction, and others can stake a claim and, before you know it, gain a foothold in your heart. How do you silence these giants once and for all? By focusing on the size of our God, not the height of your giants. As they go down, you gain freedom to walk in the victory Christ already won over the enemies that rob you of God’s best for your life.

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Goliath Must Fall (Louie Giglio)
  • S1: Dead but Still Deadly (Goliath Must Fall)

    When we look at the account of David and Goliath, we often assume that we are David in the story. But the truth is that Jesus represents David in this story, and we can only overcome the enemy when we rely on his strength. Be aware that even though Jesus has defeated our enemy, he is like a dead ...

  • S2: Fear Must Fall (Goliath Must Fall)

    The giant of fear is dead, though it can still be deadly. Jesus’ resurrection shows us that God has power even over death itself and there is nothing that we will ever face that he cannot overcome. We show the world that we serve an all-powerful God when we refuse to give in to fear, when we choo...

  • S3: Rejection Must Fall (Goliath Must Fall)

    There is nothing like the pain of rejection from someone close to us. A few words from a key person in our world, or the lack thereof, can shape our view of ourselves for our entire lives. Rejection looms as a giant and haunts us with its cousins—insecurity, inferiority, perfectionism, or compuls...

  • S4: Comfort Must Fall (Goliath Must Fall)

    There's a sneaky, yet prevalent, giant called Comfort that can keep us from stepping out in faith in the ways God is calling us to. Our faith thrives in discomfort. No one in Scripture who played a significant role in God’s plan ever did so by choosing the easy route, living in ease, or refusing ...

  • S5: Anger Must Fall (Goliath Must Fall)

    Wanting the other person to pay the just consequences of his or her actions is at the very heart of anger. And in itself, there’s nothing wrong with that longing for justice. God is a God of justice, so going to him with our anger is the best thing we could possibly do with it. Even though anger ...

  • S6: Addiction Must Fall (Goliath Must Fall)

    We can get addicted to anything we feel we can't do without, anything we turn to when life is chaotic or in a slump, such as nicotine, alcohol, shopping, overeating, porn, or simply the approval of others. Feelings of vulnerability can lead to addiction, but we don’t need to be controlled by our ...