God Never Gives Up on You (Max Lucado)

God Never Gives Up on You (Max Lucado)

Study of a Bible Character: Jacob

God enacts his perfect plan through imperfect people—including you and me! Max Lucado shows us how God used Jacob—the misbehaving patriarch who was strong on savvy but weak on conscience—simply because God chose to use Jacob. His story invites us to believe in a God who sticks with the unworthy until we are safely at home. God turns brokenness into blessings through his grace, mercy, and relentless love. Not just for Bible characters, but for you. God Never Gives Up on YOU.

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God Never Gives Up on You (Max Lucado)
  • God Never Gives Up on You: Session 1 - Taking Shortcuts

    Shortcuts are tempting. God does not operate on our preferred timelines, so when we see an opportunity to take matters into our hands, we often do. But there are consequences for not waiting...we typically only end up bringing misery on ourselves and on the people we love.

  • God Never Gives Up on You: Session 2 - Reaping What You Sow

    The seeds that Jacob sowed in his life were those of deception and treachery. Now, in today’s session, you will see the kind of harvest that
    would produce in his life. For Jacob was about to meet his match in deception in the form of an uncle named Laban.

  • God Never Gives Up on You: Session 3 - Living with a Louse

    For Jacob, home was not a place of peace but one of continual crisis. All the while, he had to live with a louse—his uncle Laban. Jacob proved to be strategic in his interactions with Laban, trusting in God and making decisions motivated by faith rather than fear.

  • God Never Gives Up on You: Session 4 - Wrestling with God

    Jacob stayed on the run from Esau for twenty years. But God made it apparent to him that he would have to stop taking flight and instead fight.
    The Lord appeared to Jacob and wrestled with him throughout the night. It was a bout that would forever change his life.

  • God Never Gives Up on You: Session 5 - Returning Home

    Sometimes God is explicit about the course that he wants us to take. In Jacob’s case, he told him to go back to Bethel. Instead, Jacob landed in the shadow of Shechem. It would prove to be a costly wrong move—perhaps the costliest of his life.