Created to Dream (Rick Warren)

Created to Dream (Rick Warren)

God has a dream for your life. Beloved pastor and trusted teacher Rick Warren explains the process God uses to fulfill the dream he gives you. The Bible is full of stories of people whose God-given dreams became reality--but not without first going through the six phases of faith. In Created to Dream, Pastor Rick will help you understand how God uses these phases to grow people to spiritual maturity while fulfilling the dreams he gives them. Each phase is a test of your faith.

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Created to Dream (Rick Warren)
  • S1: How Faith and Dreaming Are Connected (Created to Dream)

    Great faith inspires great dreams. Great dreams require great faith. God is faithful, and what he promises to do, he will do. Where God guides, God provides. But it doesn’t happen overnight. You’ve got to go through all six phases of faith—dream, decision, delay, difficulty, and, finally, dead en...

  • S2: Discovering God's Dream for You (Created to Dream)

    God has a unique life course for you to run. If you’re always looking at other people while you’re running, you’re going to end up trying to run their race, or you’re going to get tripped up, or you’re going to listen to people in the stands—and you'll miss out on God’s race for you to run.

  • S: Making Wise Decisions (Created to Dream)

    Do something great with your life for Jesus’ sake. Don’t live a life of mediocrity. Don’t drift through life. Don’t just exist. Make the decision that you’re going to follow hard after Christ. That will determine your destiny not just on earth, but also for all eternity.

  • S4: Persisting Through Delays (Created to Dream)

    God is never in a hurry. God can do things immediately, and sometimes he does. But he is working on a much larger agenda than our timeframe. The delays that come into our lives do not destroy God's purposes. Rather, they fulfill God's purposes.

  • S5: Dealing with Difficulties (Created to Dream)

    Don’t start drifting through life. Don't throw away those values and relationships that you know are important. Don't throw away your relationship with God, or going to church, or being a part of your small group, or reading your Bible. Don't drift. Don't discard. Don't despair.

  • S6: From Dead Ends to Deliverance (Created to Dream)

    The ultimate form of faith is thanking God in advance for what you are presently asking him to do. If you thank him after he has answered your prayer, that is not faith but gratitude. When you're at a dead end, choose to thank God that the answer is already on the way.