Christian (Andy Stanley)

Christian (Andy Stanley)

According to Andy Stanley, the words used to describe Christians today often bear no resemblance to how Jesus wanted his followers to live. In Christian, an eight-session, video-based study, Andy offers a better term—one that Jesus used throughout the New Testament to describe Christians—that more accurately depicts Christians. Then he leads you through what Christianity should look like today in light of Jesus' teachings.

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Christian (Andy Stanley)
  • Christian, Session 1. Brand Recognition

    In Session 1, "Brand Recognition," you will learn the key characteristic that defines a Christian and attracts people to Jesus.

  • Christian, Session 2. Quitters

    In Session 2, "Quitters," you will learn that God doesn't quit loving you, so in turn, he asks you to continuously love others out of love for and gratitude to God.

  • Christian, Session 3. Insiders, Outsiders

    In Session 3, "Insiders, Outsiders," you will learn the different ways Jesus asks Christians to treat each other as well as how Christians should treat those outside of Christianity.

  • Christian, Session 4. Showing Up

    In Session 4, "Showing Up," you will learn how being the salt of the earth can help American culture and how being the light of the world can help others see God.

  • Christian, Session 5. When Gracie Met Truthy

    In Session 5, "When Gracie Met Truthy," you will learn to embrace the tension of truth and grace dwelling together in the way you live and in how you treat others.

  • Christian, Session 6. Angry Birds

    In Session 6, "Angry Birds," you will learn that no one is exempt from accepting God's grace and truth and Christians need to treat the worst of sinners with God's love.

  • Christian, Session 7. Loopholes

    In Session 7, "Loopholes," you will learn the way God wants you to live and the basic question you can live by.

  • Christian, Session 8. Working It Out

    In Session 8, "Working Out," you will learn the three statements to engage in to take your Christian life to the next level and live a life of profound love.