The Case for Heaven (and Hell) (Lee Strobel)

The Case for Heaven (and Hell) (Lee Strobel)

The reality of death shapes our lives and faith. Most of us fear it or try not to think about it, regardless of whether we believe in eternal life or not. Lee Strobel—whose rigorous faith has been shaped by his past as an atheist—first considers his old unbelief: that we have only one life and when we die, we cease to exist. What evidence is there to suggest otherwise? Based on his interviews with Christian philosophers, scientists, and theologians, Strobel unfolds the strongest arguments for belief in heaven and hell. Along the way, he explores common topics related to immortality, such as angels, Satan and demons, reincarnation, and doctrines like salvation through Christ alone.

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The Case for Heaven (and Hell) (Lee Strobel)
  • S1: Can We Really Know There's a Heaven? (The Case for Heaven (and Hell))

    What were your earliest ideas of heaven? Did you imagine a scale in front of the Pearly Gates where your good works and bad works were weighed to determine if you should be let in? Or perhaps you were brought up to believe there was no afterlife at all; once your days were over, you simply ceased...

  • S2: What's the Evidence for Heaven? (The Case for Heaven (and Hell))

    Corroboration is important when we’re trying to discern the truth. So, when the Bible teaches that people continue to live on forever in heaven or hell after their death, we need to determine if there is any evidence to corroborate this claim. This session looks at neuroscience and near death exp...

  • S3: What Will Heaven Be Like? (The Case for Heaven (and Hell))

    There are two kinds of “heavens” where followers of Jesus will go after death. The first is the *intermediate state.* Our soul separates from our body and enters the present heaven, where our spirit is conscious and aware of our situation. The final judgment marks the onset of the *eternal state*...

  • S4: Is There Really a Place Called Hell? (The Case for Heaven (and Hell))

    The Bible teaches that a very real place called hell exists. The two key images of hell—flames
    and darkness—represent existence away from the Lord’s presence. This is the real essence of hell: being cut off from the source of life and joy and being separated from God’s blessings forever.

  • S5: How Do We Live with an Eye on Eternity? (The Case for Heaven (and Hell))

    When we live with a daily eye on heaven, it radically changes our attitude toward the difficulties we will inevitably face in this world. It puts our suffering into perspective by giving us the courage we need to face the trials of life, knowing that heaven is waiting for us. Plus, the God of the...