Carry the Flame (Jim Cymbala)

Carry the Flame (Jim Cymbala)

In Carry the Flame, bestselling author and pastor Jim Cymbala reveals that God is still seeking ordinary men and women—not just pastors or ministry leaders—who will make themselves available to him, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, and accomplish extraordinary things in this world. He draws on examples of ordinary people in Acts such as Ananias, Philip, and the 120 who waited in the Upper Room—as well as modern-day testimonies—to show how God can use anyone and everyone who simply submits to him and obeys his leading. As you go through this study, you will be challenged and encouraged to likewise take that first step of faith for God . . . and see where it leads.

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Carry the Flame (Jim Cymbala)
  • S1: God Uses Ordinary People (Carry the Flame)

    God isn’t looking for ability among his people, he’s looking for availability. When Jesus gave the assignment to the seventy to pave the way, they could have said, "I'm not equipped." But he wants us to step out in faith and do what he’s calling us to do. He wants us to carry the flame of his lov...

  • S2: Power from Heaven (Carry the Flame)

    Before we go out to serve, we—just like the 120 believers in the early church—need to be equipped by the Holy Spirit. Then we will be able to do our work assignments, not in our own power but in his.

  • S3: The Gift of Encouragement (Carry the Flame)

    Barnabas, was so filled with the Holy Spirit and the love of Christ that he couldn’t seem to keep from helping other believers and lifting them up in the Lord. When the flame of the gospel is burning brightly in a person or a church, people will likewise have a great love for others in need.

  • S4: Keep on Being Filled (Carry the Flame)

    When we carry the flame, we are carrying within us the Holy Spirit, who touches others through us with his light and love and truth. This is what we will examine in this session . . . what it means to carry the flame and be filled with the Spirit. In particular, we will look at who the Holy Spiri...

  • S5: The Holy Spirit Still Speaks (Carry the Flame)

    The Holy Spirit spoke to Philip through the angel, and as a result of Philip's obedience, the gospel was carried to Ethiopia. In this session we will see that while the Holy Spirit does not give new doctrine or add to the Scriptures, he does guide us personally in our lives.