Building a Resilient Life (Rebekah Lyons)

Building a Resilient Life (Rebekah Lyons)

In Building a Resilient Life, Rebekah Lyons offers five practical, life-changing rules that help you live into God's unshakable peace in a world that seems more uncertain every day. Through Rebekah's unique blend of story, psychology, theology, and biblical teaching, you will:

Discover five rules of resilience to thrive in difficult times
Experience adversity as a friend rather than an enemy
Reset triggers of overwhelm with a fortified faith
Cultivate strong community to rally in stressful seasons
Overcome temporary setbacks without giving up

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Building a Resilient Life (Rebekah Lyons)
  • Building a Resilient Life: Session 1 - Name the Pain

    Pain is always pounding on the door of our lives and seeking to knock us down. This should not surprise us. The first step in growing resilient is acknowledging our pain, naming it, and taking wise steps to face it head-on.

  • Building a Resilient Life: Session 2 - Shift the Narrative

    The world is filled with all sorts of lies and too often, we buy in! The enemy of our soul is called “the father of lies,” and Jesus was clear that Satan’s native language is deceit. If we are going to grow in resiliency, we need to identify the lies we believe, reject them, and embrace the truth.

  • Building a Resilient Life: Session 3 - Embrace Adversity

    Are you ready for a radically countercultural shock? The best way to overcome pain, discomfort, anxiety, and fear is to face it and move toward it—hand in hand with Jesus. When we embrace adversity rather than run from it, we will grow more and more resilient.

  • Building a Resilient Life: Session 4 - Make Meaning

    Where do we find meaning in our confused and wandering world? We look outward and see the glory and beauty of God’s creation. We look inward at the calling and birthright gifts God placed in us. We look upward and see the face of our loving God.

  • Building a Resilient Life: Session 5 - Endure Together

    We will all face adversity, pain, loss, and times of struggle in our lives. The best way to grow resilient and stand strong through these times is to find community with God’s people, his beloved church, the family of God.