Epic of Eden: Psalms (Sandra Richter)

Epic of Eden: Psalms (Sandra Richter)

Study of a Book of the Bible: Psalms

This deep dive into the book of Psalms with Bible professor Sandra Richter will do three things: (1) it will tutor us in what honest faith in hard times looks like; (2) we will be reminded of who we are and who God is; and (3) we will see that we do not walk alone, but we will find our way back to the Lord of Heaven and Earth who has never ceased to hear the cries of his people.

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Epic of Eden: Psalms (Sandra Richter)
  • Epic of Eden: Book of Psalms - Session 1: The Hymnbook of Ancient Israel

    When lyric and melody combine to declare God’s Word to his people? Here is *strength.* And when the people of God declare their shared story in song? Here is *power.* Here is a *joy* that heals and transforms. And this is why we cull our songs until we have a hymnbook that embodies who we were, w...

  • Epic of Eden: Book of Psalms - Session 2: Who Wrote the Psalms & Why

    The purpose of worship is to ascribe glory to God, not to edify the worshipers. Almost half of the Psalms were written by David, a lyricist and a man of worship, and the rest were written by collectors and professional worship leaders in the tabernacle, to give voice to the worship of God by rehe...

  • Epic of Eden: Book of Psalms - Session 3: Interpreting the Psalms: Sacred Space

    The tabernacle provided spaces both for cohabitation with God, and separation from him. It was a place for sacrifice, meditation, and celebration. As the central unifying site in Israelite society, it held the collective memory of the nation.

  • Epic of Eden: Book of Psalms - Session 4: Interpreting the Psalms: Theocracy

    The Psalms are much more about the experience of the worshiper than theology. In the Psalms we hear the hurt, rate, and anger of the ancient Israelites. Rather than withholding our emotions, God wants us to express our emotions to him, even when they aren't eloquent or uplifting.

  • Epic of Eden: Book of Psalms - Session 5: The Power of Poetry

    There is something about poetry, music, and art that gets into our souls in a way that prose cannot. When a congregations sings out their declaration of faith together, or recites their creed together, the words transform into something almost metaphysical, with power to unify, define, embolden, ...

  • Epic of Eden: Book of Psalms - Session 6: "Lord, Like a Shepherd Lead Us"

    God compares us to sheep, and himself to a shepherd. Essentially, God is announcing that he has taken responsibility for us, affirming that the life of the flock is just as important as the life of the shepherd. He is claiming us in our smelly stupidity and stepping in to lead, protect, and nurtu...

  • Epic of Eden: Book of Psalms - Session 7: Anatomy of a Lament

    The lament is the largest single category of literature in the book of Psalms. When the people of God assemble to sing words of lament together, they are strengthened to stand another day. When they name their pain together, and they shout their hope together, the echoes of their song reverberate...

  • Epic of Eden: Book of Psalms - Session 8: Jesus & the Psalms

    Jesus dies with the words of the Psalter on his lips. In the throes of despair, he models to us how to not simply endure, but triumph over the darkest moments of life. In this blackest of nights, Jesus calls out to a God who will not fail. In his weakest hour, he leans on the faith of those who h...