40 Days Through the Book: John - Light and Life (Kyle Idleman)

40 Days Through the Book: John - Light and Life (Kyle Idleman)

Study of a book of the Bible: John

We all believe in something. We might put our weight on our education, or a job, or a relationship, or a portfolio, or a political platform. But the apostle John says he’s writing to us to help us put our weight on Jesus.

In this study through the gospel of John, bestselling author and pastor Kyle Idleman helps us rediscover the importance of our beliefs. They shape our attitudes, govern our emotions, determine our behavior, regulate our relationships—ultimately, our beliefs decide our future. By putting our hope, our confidence, our belief in Jesus—by putting our weight on him—we find life in his name.

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40 Days Through the Book: John - Light and Life (Kyle Idleman)
  • S1: The Word Became Flesh (John - 40 Days Through the Book)

    If we place our ultimate belief and trust in finances, health, people, or anything else, in time we will end up disappointed, and the sheer weight of life will bring things crumbling down. In the beginning of John’s Gospel, we are offered a place to put out trust, belief, hope, and life. Well, it...

  • S2: Grace for the Outcast (John - 40 Days Through the Book)

    Hiding is a natural response when we recognize our own shortcomings and sins. But this is no game. The God of heaven has done all that needs to be done to make us whole and bring us into his light. When we feel outcast and far from God, his grace comes knocking on our door.

  • S3: Grace for the Broken (John - 40 Days Through the Book)

    Are you hopeful or hopeless? The answer to this question will impact every part of your life. When a person has belief and expectation that God is near, that he cares, and that he is ready to help, a light shines in their life and in their eyes. When the same person feels hopeless because they be...

  • S4: Truth for the Clueless (John - 40 Days Through the Book)

    Jesus knows us, loves us, and came to this world to lead us in his ways. When we are tempted to play "king of the hill," Jesus not only teaches us a different way but shows us by kneeling down and serving. It's by humble service that we can really be a witness to the world.

  • S5: Truth for the Confused (John - 40 Days Through the Book)

    When we believe Jesus, take him at his word, and embrace his truth, we can press on in faith. We can stand strong—even when we don’t totally understand what is happening or why we are facing the storms of this life.

  • S6: We Have Seen His Glory (John - 40 Days Through the Book)

    With the rapid disintegration of trust in almost every area of life, is it surprising that so many people are questioning their faith? Wondering if what they have always believed is really true? Even scrutinizing the ideas taught in God’s Word? Should we be surprised that people today are dealing...