40 Days Through the Book: Colossians - One Jesus, One People (Jay Kim)

40 Days Through the Book: Colossians - One Jesus, One People (Jay Kim)

Study of a book of the Bible: Colossians

Back in the first century the church was dealing a massive challenge that has never gone away...the problem of division. Throughout history, and in every part of the world, people can be divided because of ethnicity, gender, social class, religion, and a long list of other things. The world might be divided over these things, but Christians should not be. The apostle Paul asserts in Colossians that when Jesus is at the center of our hearts, lives, homes, churches, and community life, believers can say with bold confidence, “We are one people,” even when we have diverse backgrounds and differing views.

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40 Days Through the Book: Colossians - One Jesus, One People (Jay Kim)
  • S1: The True Center (Colossians - 40 Days Through the Book)

    Two millennia after the incarnation of Jesus, more than 2.3 billion people practice some form of faith based on the teaching and life of this one man. The question is not, “Is Jesus the true center of all things?” He is! The real question is, “Will I let him be the center of my life today and eve...

  • S2: Broken Gauges (Colossians - 40 Days Through the Book)

    The Maker of Heaven has established gauges and guidelines that don’t change with the winds of culture. The wise Creator who spoke all things into existence can offer us a source of truth that leads to trustful confidence in our increasingly suspicious world.

  • S3: A Greater Reality (Colossians - 40 Days Through the Book)

    In this life, we have all had moments when we thought we had experienced the real thing. But then, in a moment, our eyes were opened and we realized that we had only tasted a sample, felt a fraction, seen a shadow. When we see, feel, taste, and encounter the real, everything changes!

  • S4: Constant Dissonance (Colossians - 40 Days Through the Book)

    I know. . . . but! These words dwell on the lips and in the hearts of every human being. There are things we know with deep conviction. But we can end up living in ways diametrically opposed to what we know is best and what we really want to do.

  • S5: The Right Attire (Colossians - 40 Days Through the Book)

    We live in a time of growing conflict, division, and fractured relationships. Paul calls us to walk in peace with other believers by taking off our old ways of life and putting on the clothing of Jesus: compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

  • S6: God Alone (Colossians - 40 Days Through the Book)

    When we embrace the reality that the answers to our deepest questions come from God alone, we are not being narrow-minded or exclusive. Instead, we are recognizing that the One who designed us and gave us breath is the only being in the universe who can teach us how to live the abundant life.
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